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Areas of Service

100% Project File Review and Corrections

We don't just approve compliance files and call the process complete...

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Agency Preparations and Responses

Don’t Roll the Dice and hope for the best outcome should you be faced...

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Quarterly and Annual Reporting

Our trained consultants are familiar with state compliance regulations...

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Innovative Solutions for Affordable Housing Compliance

We Specialize In HUD, Housing Tax Credits, Bonds, Home and Other Affordable Housing Programs

Compliance is one of the most important functions for any owner or management company and should easily mesh with operations for successful results. We are dedicated to building a bridge that ensures that both operations and compliance can co-exist successfully.

We provide tools to simplify the complex issues in maintaining compliance on affordable housing sites by providing additional services to help get you and your team closer to the long-term goal of quiet but effective compliance.

Simplifying the affordable housing compliance process while providing innovative and long-term solutions for compliance success is what we love!

Whether you’re a property owner or property management company, we will assist you in finding real and affordable solutions to your compliance needs.

You don’t have to share your limited time and energy between ensuring smooth operations and worrying about compliance, we are dedicated to building a bridge that ensures that both operations and compliance co-exist successfully.

 We will provide tools to simplify the complex issues involved in maintaining compliance with your housing community while providing additional services that will enable you and your staff to attain your ultimate goal of quiet compliance.

“The Owner’s mantra is collaboration not competition, she has a phenomenal energy level, work ethic and ability to connect with her clients. She sees the entire picture when it comes to the program needs of each client. It is a pleasure to attest to her capabilities as a leader and mentor in the Compliance Field”.

Martha Lovely-Weigant

Compliance Specialist